Passion of the student——Into the science and technology, into the world2012-07-31 02:54:19

                                                 Passion of the student

                                                        ——Into the science and technology, into the world

     International Formula One racing model contest: F1 (FORMULA ONE ™ TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGE) in the campus to begin soon. This world-class car model as the core of innovation, autonomy, team competition to attract students' attention and support of the world, and actively involved, hand in hand into the science and technology, into the world.

     From Singaporeat Raffles Girls' High School the HIGHLIGHT team is composed by Joey Low, Sapphire Tan, Guo shibei and Huang zhoudi four members of a participating team. They are a group of F1 racing has a strong interest in the young adults, they aspire to the speed and passion of F1 racing, more full of relentless pursuit of the dream and hard work!

    They are high-spirited, Top Gun, is committed to the international stage. To this end, they clear division of labor, united as one. After months of tireless efforts finally bear fruit. Is responsible for the design of the car from the Sapphire Tan. Joey Low and Guo shibei is responsible for business planning and operations, or Huang zhoudi responsible for art design, showing the true nature of them nei.

    Coincides with the concept of F1 in schools in international competition and XENO, in order to let the blood of these youth to play the most brilliant luster, the XENO become a the HIGHLIGHT team sponsor, Science Dream added wings to their dream of racing, flyingfarther and higher.

    We will continue to follow-up reports the HIGHLIGHT team's performance in this competition, so stay tuned!
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