Rare British visa to London2012-08-10 07:25:47



     In France stopped many days, on a world activities Xiaoming, Jiang Yan, Yang Kai in the vast number of friends of the attention and support as well as their own efforts to finally get a UK visa, but 180 days of half year's visa, it is gratifying.

     Next, they will continue to climb, to the London Olympics, witness Olympic Games and their own wonderful life mileage! We and our friends will continue to pay attention to them, support them!!

     At the same time, it makes us to have been rejected two times of the Eurasian continent activities @travel_bear renewed hope. If the @travel_bear will continue to try, we will start our users in micro-blog, cheering him on, to @ the British Consulate, express our strong and good wishes, full support for the realization of a dream.





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