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Model:  S3A
Version:  V2

   365 days of extraordinary innovation, only for every of 365 days outstanding performance.

   S3A, perhaps the smallest 18650 flashlight of the blue planet, the V2 was just revealed after days and nights of hard work in XENO laboratory. V2 was mounted with costly top quality level switch, more reliable and good felling operation; Greatly improved body knurling performance, make better grip even with wet hands; More reasonable inner construction design, improved overall reliablility.

   S3A V2 is still so slim at only Ø21.5mm x L111mm, net weight 50g. As a 18650 driving flashlight, this dimensions is breathtakingly outstanding;

   However, the performance of S3A is totally not impacted by its compact shape. Being equipped with a XM-L from CREE, S3A can easily output the maximum 300 lumens beam, sweping through the darkness. The tail plug is also a small strike bezel. The brand new BCS holding clip is probably the world's most reliable clip which will not fall off and removable, with anti-roll function; The stealth mode driver circuit is more convenient and reliable with high rate of operation fault-tolerant design from XENO lab.

   365 days and nights of XENO research, just for your every free will day of 365.



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